Kim Kardashian Ties the Knot!

On Saturday, Kim Kardashian and now-husband Kris Humphries tied the knot in a lavish wedding ceremony at an estate in the gorgeous, exclusive community of Montecito, California.  Kim, 30 years old, was married once before.  Humphries, a 26 year old NBA player, has never been married.  The ceremony took place in front of 450 of Kim and Kris’ closest friends and family.  Kim, who’s father Robert Kardashian passed away several years back, was walked down the aisle by her step-father Bruce Jenner.

Kim and Kris dated for about 8 months before they got married.  Kris proposed to Kim with a 20 carat diamond ring, which some believe Kim paid for herself by working out a publicity deal.  Makes sense because although Kris earns around $3 million a year playing basketball, the ring is worth an estimated $2 million.

Although it was her second wedding, Kim walked down the aisle in a white Vera Wang dress and wore a jeweled head band.  Kris wore a white tuxedo and the wedding colors were a very chic black and white.  For a short video of the Kris and Kim wedding, click here.

The couple is rumored to have signed a prenup before their big day.  Kris is estimated to be worth $8 million and Kim $35 million, so protecting their individual and pre-marital assets would have been a wise decision on both ends.  No matter what your net worth, signing a prenuptial agreement before your wedding is generally a good idea.  A properly written prenup will protect you in the case of divorce or, sadly, your partner’s death.  The family law attorneys at Foresight Legal Group can help you write the right prenup for you and your spouse-to-be.

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